Blocking of in Pakistan

websiteblockedEarlier today the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)  blocked the based on national security reason. According to ProPakistani, a popular technology e-magazine the block on is temporary and will be lifted soon.

Blocking of does not appear to be affecting self-hosted WordPress websites so long their are no Plugins talking directly to the domain.

As a precaution the Inspurate technical support team is working around the clock to ensure none of our clients experience any downtime due to the blockage on So far their are no issues, however if any of our clients experience issues we request you to kindly drop us an email to our Emergency Support Line hosts thousands of blogs and small business websites from around the world, with a huge customer base in Pakistan. It has not only given citizen journalists, activists, bloggers a medium to voice issues but enabled a large number of grassroots businesses in Pakistan.

As a design and technology service company servicing both the Pakistan and overseas markets we request the authorities to re-evaluate their internet censorship and content management policy; is the latest of casualty out of 64,000 websites blocked in Pakistan. Ad-hoc blocking of websites is not just an inconvenience to uses but poses major loss in revenue to  business businesses across the country.